RackSafe™ Online Training

Our most cost-effective and flexible training option. All modules are delivered in a pre-recorded video format. Trainees can take the course at a time and date that works best for them and progress at their own pace.

Online Training – Course Overview

  • Module 1 – Regulation Review & Compliance Planning (Online) – review of the nine sections of the WorkSafeBC Racking Regulation (4.43.1) and actions steps to achieve compliance.

  • Module 2 – Beam Replacement (Online) – instruction in WorkSafeBC Knowledge & Skills requirements for a Qualified Person in Beam Replacement (as per 4.43.1 – Sec. 4) including a method for safely changing beams without adversely affecting rated capacity.

  • Module 3 – Racking Inspection (Online) – instruction in WorkSafeBC Knowledge & Skills requirements for Qualified Person in Racking Inspection (as per 4.43.1 – Sec. 8) including scope, frequency, documentation methods, damage identification & assessment etc.

Module 1 – Compliance Planning

Review of WorkSafeBC Regulation 4.43.1 and Action Steps for Compliance

  • Section 1 – Storage Rack Definition
  • Section 2 – 8 Foot / Manual Loading Rule
  • Section 3 – Safe, Engineered, Intended Use
  • Section 4 – Installation/Uninstallation (Qualified Person)
  • Section 5 – Instructions for Maintenance and Use
  • Section 6 – Rated Capacity
  • Section 7 – Reconfiguration & Modification
  • Section 8 – Regular Inspection (Qualified Person)
  • Section 9 – Maintenance

Module 2 – Beam Replacement

“Qualified Person” Training to comply with WorkSafe Regulation 4.43.1 Section 4 – Installation/Uninstallation

Knowledge of:

  • When to refer to a professional engineer and/or manufacturer
  • Hazards that are specific to the storage rack type
  • Hazards involved with the install/uninstall activity
  • How to assess existing storage racks for compatibility
  • When special or additional temporary support is required to safely install or uninstall
  • When additional assistance is required for installation/uninstallation
  • How to confirm compatibility within storage rack systems

Ability to:

  • Review site specific procedures to support install/uninstall processes
  • Use the materials list to confirm adequate storage rack components for installation
  • Conduct a visual inspection of storage racks
  • Take appropriate measurements as needed
  • Apply order of assembly and disassembly
  • Conduct a final inspection
  • Disassemble storage racks
  • Determine lean and deflection
  • Operate mobile equipment and work platforms, if required
  • Select and use appropriate tools and equipment to install or uninstall storage racks
  • Determine if the use of mobile equipment and work platforms is required for the purposes of installation/uninstallation

Module 3 – Racking Inspection

“Qualified Person” Training to comply with WorkSafe Regulation 4.43.1 Section 8 – Racking Inspection

Knowledge of:

  • Hazards associated with products or loads
  • When to escalate to an expert, such as a professional engineer or the manufacturer
  • Appropriate load based on the storage rack system
  • When the load should be removed

Ability to:

  • Determine scope and purpose of inspections
  • Review past inspection reports to support inspection processes
  • Apply safe operating procedures for storage racks
  • Identify hazards in the inspectional area
  • Determine actual load against rated capacity
  • Perform systematic walk-around
  • Identify wear, corrosion, damage, missing or incompatible parts, and signs of fatigue
  • Categorize and document observations
  • Apply safe inspection procedure
  • Observe lean and deflection
  • Select and use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), if required
  • Use appropriate tools and equipment to conduct the inspection, if required

Online Training Cost & Duration

  • $795 + GST for 5 people at your company
  • Additional Trainees – $99 + GST per person
  • Course Duration – 1.5 hours online

Online Training Includes:

  • One years’ access to the RackSafe™ online training course
  • Post-Training Support – Your RackSafe™ Trainer will provide support via phone/email, answering questions and providing guidance as you implement your Racking Compliance Plan
  • Trainees receive a Course Completion Certificate (pdf version) after attaining 70% on the final 10 question quiz
  • A variety of downloadable editable documents to launch your compliance program.
    • Compliance Plan Template (MS Word)
    • Racking Inspection Checklist (MS Excel)
    • Racking Inspection Work Record (MS Word)
    • Beam Replacement Work Record (MS Word)
    • Third Party Installer Checklist (MS Word)
    • Caution Damaged Racking Sign Template (MS Word)
    • Rated Capacity Sign Templates (MS Word)
    • Post-Earthquake Racking Inspection Procedure (PDF)


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